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Outline for Tour Guiding of Mount Wudang
Good morning! Ladies and Gentlemen.
Welcome to Wuhan. My name is Silver. I am from Wuhan Travel Service. I will be your local guide during your stay in Wuhan. This is our driver, Mr Wang. Our bus number is WH12345.On behalf of my travel agency; we hope you have a nice journey here. If you have any special interest, please tell your tour leader, and he will let us know. My job is to smooth your way, care for your welfare, try my best to answer your question, and be your guide and interpreter. I will try to do my best to make your trip go smoothly. We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Today we’ll visit the famous sacred place of Taoism-----Mount Wudang.
We will climb up the mountain and visit the scenic spots on way up the mountain, then take the tram rail down the mountain. First, it will take us 45 minutes to visit Yuxu Palace. Then we will visit Purple Cloud Palace for about one hour and South Rock for 30 minutes. The last two stations are Golden Summit and Golden Palace. They are the most important palace. We will spend 2 hours on visiting them.  
Everyone must be very familiar with the best foreign language film Oscar, 2001 “Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon”. At the end of the film, the actress Yu Jiaolong jumped from the cliff here. I believe that everyone must be on kungfu  and scenery in the movie. Today I will lead you appreciate its mysteriousness and charm.
Mount Wudang, situated in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China, where there are many high mountains, green forests, and everlasting springs, has been called the No. One Celestial Mountain in  China.
Throughout history, federal emperors of every dynasty paid increasingly attention to the creation of buildings on Mount Wudang, and in the Ming Dynasty, Mount Wudang was the center of China Taoism.
The ancient buildings in Mount Wudang, great in size and beautiful in artistic design, built on steep hills or in sharp cliffs to achieve a harmonious unity between buildings and nature, have been praised as the ultimate showcase of China's ancient buildings and approved World Cultural Legacy.
There are full of attractive places of interest in Mount Wudang Tourism and Economy Special Region, as charming as the rainbow in the sky; especially Mount Wudang, the famous Taoism Mountain which has combined quietness, wonder, beauty, and elegance into one, has these following famous scenic spots, such as, seventy-two peaks, thirty-six cliffs, twenty-four valleys, eleven caves, three pools, nine springs, ten lakes, nine wells, ten stones, and nine pavilions. There are four distinct seasons with their own features, the mountain is green and full of flowers in the spring; there are wind, thunder, and rainstorm with cloud and fog twisting the mountain in the summer; the forest are in gold yellow and the laurels send fragrance in the autumn; all the mountain is covered by the white snow in the winter.
Mount Wudang, the famous scenic spot in China, whose perimeter is over 800 km, about 500 miles, full of beautiful hills and intense forests, was praised as the meeting place of heaven and earth. For its enchanting scenery and the legend of home of gods, many Taoists and hermits came to cultivate, so Mount Wudang was regarded as the origin place of China Taoism. Taoism can trace back to Han dynasty and after thousands of years’  development Taoism has played an important role in politics, economy,culture, and ideology of China. Taoism, with Chinese characteristics and nearly 2000-year history, is still influencing Chinese life. The main idea of Taoism is harmony. People believe Taoism because they want to reach the perfect combination with the nature.
It is said that Zhenwu Emperor had been cultivating here for over 40 years and became god. Zhenwu is named Emperor Zhenwu, the Founder or the Granddad in Heaven. This super god is evolved from the image of the ancient northern god----Xuanwu. During the Song Dynasty, Wudang Taoism had developed into some certain size, forming its own organization sodality, and also had set up many Taoist buildings. On the days of Zhenwu' birthday and becoming god, pious people would come here worship Mount Wudang from all directions.
Wudang Taoism came to the most prosperous stage in the Ming Dynasty. Cheng Emperor, the third emperor  of Ming Dynasty, Zhu-Di ordered to support and develop Wudang Taoism after he became the emperor. He wrote all the orders by himself, from reconnaissance and devise of Taoist buildings, sending qualified officials to overlook the project, to the ways for Taoists to cultivate. There were all high buildings on the both sides of the 140-km ancient road to the Golden Peak. The series Wudang Taoism palaces and temples, located in Southern China, the Forbidden City, located in Northern China, were the two key constructions under the supervision of Emperor Zhu-Di (the third emperor of Ming Dynasty 1403-1425) during his realm.
After thousands years' development, there produced proud and profound Wudang Culture in Wudang Taoism: nature-upholding Taoist buildings, mysterious Wudang Boxing, Wudang Ways to keep healthy, talking-with god religion service, court-like Taoist music, unrivalled carvings, China traditional medicine and herbs, all are the crystal of Chinese national cleverness.
Here we are, at the gate of Mount Wudang , what is standing in front of us is the famous Yuxu Palace ! Yuxu Palace was built in 1413 and was repaired in 1552 because of the destructive fire disaster. It is the biggest palace of Wu Dang Mountain .The main building of the palace adopts rural construction style and makes full use of plain topography. The symmetric configuration is based on precise axle wire . Undoubtedly, you can feel the magnificence of the palace hall, which is surrounded by palace wall. All of these precious designs add to Yuxu’s dignity and momentum. Here, go straight! This is the hall gate. The rare viburnum sumeru stone blocks are subtly sculptured on the gate. Touch the exquisite pattern on the gate and feel the lines. You can not help admiring the artistry of ancient people. Inside and outside the gate is a pair of pavilions, majestically facing each other. Yeah, so cute! So now follow me, along the wall. Upstairs ! You can see the palace wall is just like Halo wandering around Fairy Que. What a fairy-land! People in Ming Dynasty compared Yuxu Palace with E-pang Palace. Both of their design and artistry are really unbelievable! Look afar, tasting the ancients’ amorous feelings. Isn’t it a marvelous sensation!
Dear guys, now let’s get down here and rush toward another paradise ! 
Now we are heading to Purple Cloud Palace. At the foot of Stretching Flag Mount sits magnificent and boundless Purple Cloud Palace. Here, with the cluster of hills guarding the peaks, the wood of pine and green cypress deep and remote, and the surroundings elegant and weather comfortable, the place is thought the Blessed Place in Purple Cloud Palace View-site. 
Purple Cloud Palace is an apotheosis of construction by employing the particular physiognomy that is cragged in length while wide and plain on breadth. All the buildings are arrayed along the axis. On the axis lie the Green Dragon and White Tiger Palace, Imperial Stele Pavilion, Shifang Hall, the Grand Hall of Purple Cloud Palace and Parents' Palace from the bottom to the top. The altitude of these building gradually rises and the axis symmetries the wing houses of each construction. And through the way of stacking tall sidesteps, the Purple Cloud Palace is divided into three sections of yard, so as to form a kind of group of constructions in which one row is upon row of the other and the primary buildings are more distinctive than the secondary ones. From a far distance, the palace has the airs of imperial worshipping rites. 
Historically, Purple Cloud Palace, because of taking the responsibilities of praying for royal families, had solemn overall arrangement, exquisite furnishings. Inside each various palace, the worshipped deities and celestial beings are ablated. Together with the divine tables, obliging apparatuses and omniscient instruments, all these consist a mysterious and metaphysical world. The images created by Taoist legends are so vivid by design and various on airs. Here, people may differ them from their status, divine responsibilities, specified occupations, dispositions and thoughts. 
Emperor of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties often issued their orders to set up altar so as to praise and pray for good fortune, or plead deities to bless the peace of their state and the plain people or the harvest of crops. In fact, this was a ritual of communicating with Gods, for Taoism thought through that way Gods would help the prayers, bless them to be away from the disasters and prolong their lifespan. 
At present, the Purple Heaven Palaces is not only the best Choice to visit, but also the locus of the Taoism Association of Mount Wudang. Here is the destination of experts from all over the world. Furthermore, it is the very source for Taoism researchers to search the origin of Taoism.
Now have come to South Rock. South Rock is also known as “Purple rock, it faces towards the south, so that's how the name comes from. Here you can see that the hills are steep and forbidding covered by many green trees.
Also I am pretty like to introduce the buildings to you, they are really a great combination of human and natural landscapes among all 36 mounts of  Mount Wudang.
The ancient architecture of South Rock breaks through the traditional layout to achieve a high degree of  harmonious style. So the craftsmen had skillfully made a compact and grand construction in an ups and downs way. The view of South Rock is unique and changeful, and everywhere is so special. Enjoy your walking here and taking photos as much as you want.
Let’s get on the bus and go to our next station-----golden summit ,which is regarded as the symbol of the Mount Wudang. Golden summit is the second peak in Emei mountain, it’s scenic spots including the Huanglong hole, Chaotian palace ,Golden palace and other Yuan Dynasty bronze and ancient architecture . Here preserved a lot of the dynasties of manufacturers, religious artifacts and other treasures. These are the technology of casting brilliant pearl in our ancient Chinese architecture, which reveal the wisdom of Chinese people and ancient scientific level.
Golden summit has a strong attraction to visitors and pilgrims. Whenever you stand in front of the golden summit, there will be an invisible feeling to shock and respect .A t the same time, you still can enjoy many peculiar natural wonders of the myths and stories.
We are now traveling among the peaks the golden palace is located here. The golden palace, with a height of 5.45 meters and flying eaves decorated by dragon, phoenix, sea horse and immortals ,is the highest one in the ancient Chinese construction grade. Enduring about 600 years’ wind and rain ,thunder and lighting ,cold winter and hot summer ,the golden palace is still shining as if it was newly built up. Every summer thunderstorms season, it will appear the spectacle of lightning golden summit: when the lighting flashes across the sky, the deafening noise arises, suddenly, the sky is point-----blank, what a spectacular!
Now we have reached the Golden Palace,our last palace. Standing in front of the Golden Palace ,you can appreciate great scenery of Mount Wudang, as far as 400 kilometers. The Golden Palace, with a height of 5.45 meters and flying eaves ,decorated by dragon ,phoenix sea horse, and immortals, has profound effect on the ancient Chinese construction grade. Outside the gilt gold, all the house, engraved rare birds and peculiar animals, weighs over 80 tons. All the parts were so perfect matched that there is without any crevice. Despite the erosion of wind and rain ,thunder and lighting more than 500 years, the Golden Palace ,as one of national treasure, not only represents the wonderful Chinese ancient architecture skills, but also reveals the wisdom of Chinese people and ancient scientific level.
The Golden Palace is the combination of intelligence and creativity. It is the development of art and science as well. The inside walls of the Golden Palace were lightly carved with soft floating clouds lines. Purple mantel, clean and smooth, symbolizes a gentle and harmonious color. It is obvious that the image of Zhenwu emperor, Gold Boy and Jade Girl, and the Generals of Water and Fire are being worshipped inside of the Gold Palace. We have a panoramic view of beautiful scene as well as its culture. When you close your eyes, do you sense a breath of Taoism?
We will get back to the station by tram rail. You have enjoyed the view of the peaks again. Now let’s get on the bus.
We have appreciated the scenery as well as its culture .It is not only a mountain but also a heritage full of our ancestors’ wisdom. Your current visit to China is drawing to a close. Time  have elapsed so quickly and you have visited several scenic spots in this city. The time we stayed together was rather short and really the surface was only scratched. What the Chinese people call “looking at the flowers on the horse’s back.” Every one in the group has been very cooperative, friendly, understanding and punctual. That is what I witnessed and experienced, and as a national guide, it was much appreciated. 
Parting is such sweet sorrow. Happy to meet, sorry to depart, and happy to meet again. Wish you have a nice journey home. Goodbye!